Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February and doses.

I'm four days early, but I don't want to study for my two tests tomorrow. February is over, thank God. The teases of spring make me pine for the sun against my skin. It'll be here soon enough. March sounds much better than February.

I'm proud to say my team, UltraVT, has been expanding and destroying everything--the local trails, the pavement, the track, and the early season races. We had a huge group at Holiday Lake 50k, just like the Hokie generation before me massed in Appomattox, VA. Alumni included, we took first, third, sixth, seventh, 11th, and 12th. In poor conditions, we toughed it out. This past Saturday Mike Jones took eighth at Mt. Mitchell 40mi. Darren and I took the first two spots on the podium at Mt. Cheaha 50k where we received some vitamin D running shirtless in Alabama. Henry Wakely took 13th. The girls are doing their thing too. We've had our first doses of long running for 2014 and we want more.

The places are almost top-notch, but they don't matter. Yeah, it's fun being up front where there's nobody at the finish line clapping for you besides a couple volunteers, but my thinking is changing from placing to pushing. Place goals are good to push yourself, sure. But I see so much talent in our team and in our bodies. I'm not talking world takeover (that'll follow); I'm talking refining our bodies to a level they've never been. I'm talking fast running, slow recovery running, team running. Pushing ourselves for wanting to be the best we can be and working together to achieve, because we don't have this chance to train together again. 

The initial taste of soreness after the first 50k of the year. Dose.
The initial mood swings of getting in shape. Dose.
The initial blur of bigger miles. Dose.
I want more.

You see, doctor, I have this foundation I've built
I'm still on the first floor, 
But I'm building a skyscraper.
Can you prescribe me something?
I want more. 
High mileage.

More of this.

More of this.

More of this.

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  1. Exciting stuff! Congrats to you and Darren for winning down in Alabama. That's awesome.

    Always room for everyone to go faster. With that being said, I'm in better shape this season with lower mileage, more sit ups and more strides. Not shitting around for 80-100 MPW of slower running. I think there's something to be said about switching up training season to season a bit... for fun if nothing else.