Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2016 Review

The annual review. They aren't getting any easier. Matter of fact I hadn't updated my training log in three weeks. HOW MANY MILES DO MY SHOES HAVE? I will never know for certain. 50 miles are lost to the universe.

2016 was a better year of running than 2015, which was cool because 2015 was lackluster. 2014 was still the best year. Will I forever live my life trying to run like I did in 2014? Oh my, I peaked in college when I didn't have anything to do besides run and party with my best friends. No wonder it was my favorite year. I'm also very nostalgic and tend to remember things in an exaggerated light. But 2014 was still the best.

I didn't run many races in 2016. I ran three ultras and a couple other races. I didn't run a 50k. Black Canyons was cool but that was February and winter still feels like the previous year so that doesn't really count. Siskiyou Outback was a killer weekend, one of the highlights of the year. Pine to Palm ruled, per usual. The Double Walmsey (R2R2R) was also a super fun adventure weekend. I did a good handful of 30+mile training runs for P2P, and they paid off. But I'd like to race a bit more in 2017. I'd like to run hard for some of the year, not just run forever.

Cool. We have that out of the way. I feel rushed. I always feel rushed these days.

Miles Vert Total Time
Jan 303.5 37,235 46:11:00
Feb 211.8 24,202 35:53:00
March 260.7 31,561 38:58:00
April 186.9 22,381 27:46:00
May 270.1 45,517 43:21:00
June 325.2 48,310 57:33:00
July 368 62,095 64:31:00
Aug 345.9 61,611 64:08:00
Sep 215.1 34,912 47:08:00
Oct 247.9 47.118 49:07:00
Nov 190.1 33,025 33:37:00
Dec 108.4 16,539 19:53
Total 3033.6 417,435 528:06:00

Opposed to 2796.06 miles,  435,296 ft of gain, and 474:33:00 time in 2015                                     And 3,673 miles, 575,833 ft of vert, and 630:37:32 total activity time in 2014.

So yay! I exercised more than 2015. I didn't finish my yearly goal of reading 12 books/year, but maybe I will this year. I said I'd run 3000 miles and I did. Then I more or less stopped. My calculation had 3,047 miles, so the computer lost a half marathon in there. Achieving 3k miles and PRing at the 100 mile distance at P2P were numerical highlights of the year. 

I haven't made firm running goals for 2017, because I'm more preoccupied with other stuff if you can't tell. AC100 will be a thing this year, and maybe Pine to Palm as a fun little double. 

Many cheers, 

The one and only Lowdermilk Productions. 

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