Thursday, April 21, 2016


Boston is just something you have to do as a runner. It legitimizes your running to the average layperson, and has a legendary atmosphere. For me, Boston 2016 was a checklist item and a time for SFRC offsite fun. I had mixed feelings about the race before it happened. Complete marathon training isn't super exciting or fun, so I didn't wholly commit myself. Running any amount of miles at 6:30 pace is something I just don't do, ever. I was able to fit in three or four solid road runs at about 6:45 pace. All said, I couldn't really expect myself to have a PR day (sub 2:52). Despite a virus, attending an after party show on Wednesday, a red eye on Thursday, a wedding on Saturday, a flight on Sunday, I decided I'd give it a shot anyway, because it's, well, THE BOSTON MARATHON. I had excuses, but I wasn't planting them to not even give it a shot. I'm over running like that. I can only do as best I can on the given day under my circumstances. I was trying.

So it was a dope week leading to the race. Rooming with Varndoozle, EZ, and the Big Stapler was a Seinfeld episode if Seinfeld was 14 years old. It was fabulous. We wore Goodwill suits to the start line.

Happy family

The race....well... I spent the first 10 miles getting constantly passed. Trying to hold 6:30s was just not happening. You're either on or off with the marathon, and I knew it wasn't a PR day when I split a 6:45 as soon as mile six. I wasn't doing much smiling, and was wondering if I should just jog or try to put something together. With no race plans in the near future I decided to try and keep it together. Plus the Wellsey girls had put a pep in my step. I felt good from about 11-14, then my quads blew at mile 16, which rarely happens to me. I chalk that one up to the virus I was not 100% over. Cardiovascularly I was fine the whole run, but the legs weren't having it. I caught the Great Dane at mile 22ish, and he hung tough with me for the next four miles, us repping SFRC hard and getting cheers from the crowd for working together, silently. I unintentionally kept elbowing him because my stride went to a wobble (sorry bro!). Dane outkicked me the last quarter mile and laid it all out there. I crossed a touch under 2:58. After chewing on it,  I'm content despite earlier goals of trying to run 10 mins faster than that. It was a tough day for most folks.

Emily, Misha, Paddy, Jorge, and birthday boy Jonas had great races. Despite the rest of us not crushing it, the post race endorphins were still there and we enjoyed ourselves. The Boston locals were awesome during the race (they're as mean as they say while driving). So Boston, you're cool for one day a year. I'm sure to catch you in the future.

....But in more important news...Pine to Palm round three this year?

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  1. I think this is Soooo cool, neph! Love the story and Goodwill clothes.