Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pre P2P Update

Ahhh, a lot goes on, doesn't it? After my first DNF, San Diego 100 three months ago, I needed a solid break. I had strep throat which was diagnosed a few days after the race. I didn't dwell on the DNF one bit. Pretty quickly after SD I decided I'd run Pine to Palm again, but first it took most the rest of June to get back on track physically and mentally. I kept getting sick; I wasn't sleeping enough. Things turned the corner in late June, probably while hanging at Western States. I received news that one of the top arborist representatives (sales dudes) at work announced his retirement and I'd be moving into his slot. This meant no more physical labor climbing or dragging brush, but longer hours for sure. I basically had two free months before starting this new position. I started camping again. I went to Vegas, Portland, Shasta, Ashland, Yosemite. Had some rad weekends with this awesome girl, and some rad runs. My bud Chris Demasi and I announced that our happiness is directly correlated to mountains and sleeping outside. After a few months of mediocre happiness, I was back to myself.

So now I've put in an eight week training block of which I'm proud. It wasn't excessive but it was enough for me to feel like I'm in shape and can indeed travel 100 miles on two feet without being completely miserable. Without further ado in short-form, here are my pre p2p 2015 thoughts.

  • I'm excited. P2P is special for multiple reasons. I'm itching to go. I want it. 
  • I'm low-key confident I'm going to finish. It'll be hard at some point...points ;)
  • I'm curious. Second year running the course, I know where to play it smart. I think I was in better shape last year though. 
  • I want to be able to run well the last 25 miles. 
  • I am a bit scared of the heat. Temps look to be pushing 100. San Francisco gets to a crazy hot 80 three times this summer. I've had some heat runs, but I think right now my body is in cold mode. I'll employ heat-management tactics opposed to heat-training. 
  • Two of my favorite people are coming to crew: Wyatt Earp & Keely Kangaroo Henninger!
  • A surprise appearance by David D-Mack Macanick might be joining the crew!
  • Looks to be a decent field of runners. I'd love a top ten, but an enjoyable sub 24 hours is more important. I can only do as well as I can on the day I'm given. 
  • Vibes. 

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  1. yeah, and Nashville for your sisters wedding!!! ;)