Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 Numbers, 2015 Goals

Oh man. What a year.

Month      Run (mi)     Vert (ft)     Total activity time (includes biking, strength, etc)
Jan          285.2           43,304         56:27:16
Feb          308.9           39,521         48:50:00
Mar          407.6           65,119         80:55:37
Apr          418.1           63,412         68:41:51
May         447.6          78,881          90:00:05
June        313.8          57,005         65:01:44
July         221.0           37,090         58:09:42
Aug         305.9           54,646         53:00:00
Sept         228.3           45,159         53:33:11
Oct          254.6           30,000         43:57:16
Nov         301.5           32,582         45:56:01
Dec         180.5           29,114         31:06:33

Totals:  3,648 mi       575,832 ft     695:44:21 (just under 29 days)

273 more miles and 100,832 more ft than 2013.
1,514 more miles than 2012 when I started actually running.

Woah. I have to say I'm proud and surprised with the sheer numbers of 2014. Pretty nuts in the difference between the first half of the year and the second, obviously because school ended and work started. March, April, and May? What? I remember blurry days of carrying my running shoes everywhere, running before class, between classes, and after class. Running with anybody and everybody. The stoke was so utterly palpable in Blacksburg. I've never seen anything so inspiring as UltraVT in the spring of 2014, and I'm so happy I was able to be a part of it. We crushed it gang. We crushed it.

June and July in Colorado was pure adventure and dirtbagging. Bighorn 100 was a letdown but still a surreal experience. I still feel it in my teeth.

September was struggling with my new scenery in Marin and saying screw it, let's go run 100 miles again. Wyatt helped me finish Pine 2 Palm. I still feel it in my stomach.

I'm unsure what 2015 will look like, but I know it's going to be a good year. I hope to train with San Francisco Running Company more and more frequently, hopefully finding some guys whose schedules mesh with mine to train with. The schedule is currently looking like Way Too Cool 50k in March, Lake Sonoma 50mi in April, and San Diego 100 in June. I'm supposed to move positions (and most likely offices) within my company in late spring or summer, so I can't say what's going to happen in the second half of the year. I hope to stay in the Bay. Will I hit these same numbers? Doubt it. Will I be a better runner with a more balanced life? I'm betting so.

My goals? Run at least 3,000 miles. Commute to work not by a car at least 7 times a month (as long as I'm in the office I'm in now at least. It's a 7 mile bike ride or a 6 mile run one way). Read at least one book a month. Stay injury free. Have fun. Travel. Crush it.

My dudes visited to close out 2014 <333333

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  1. Great work in 2014 Rudy and great goals too!!
    Nope, there's nothing quite as special as Blacksburg and UltraVT!