Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Week Before Bighorn

‘Twas the week before Bighorn,
all through the national forest,
no people were stirring,
save for Rudy alone.

At the turnaround he slept,
some ten hours a day,
while the snow melted,
praying, yes, please go away.

The moose active,
indeed he saw one on the course.
A majestic, powerful creature--
inkling of the magic alive on the route.

They say,
“you live your whole life in one day!”
Eagerness, ease,
Despair, angst.
Happiness, love,
Depression and hate.
All of the feels.

Pain and pain,
and pain and pain.
Hunger and blisters,
cramps and soreness.
The heat and cold,
sun and wind.
He kids no one—
it will not be perfect.
The highs are higher,
the lows are lower.

Mental fortitude,
smiling through it all.

So seven days to go,
taper in full effect.
The miles are logged,
the cup is full,
the hay in the barn.

The muscles twitch,
repair and rebuild.

The high mileage life has taken its toll.

Stronger than ever,
I’m ready to roll.

(There’s my attempt at poetry. Whatever to pass the time, sitting alone in the middle of nowhere. I took a creative writing class once. The first thing the teacher said in the poetry unit was, “poems that rhyme aren’t real poems.” I walk the line, perhaps.

The Bighorn National Forest is beautiful. Meadows show the vast expanses, while the pines still make it feel woodsy. I’m pretty sure the wildlife outnumber the humans here. I managed to run ten miles of the course yesterday and saw innumerable tracks. Mostly moose I believe. The course is super, save for the snow still present in small but deep patches. Other spots are quite wet and bog-like. I am at the turn around though, about 9,000ft, which is the highest point on the course, so everything should be more dry and warmer below. We’re quite north, basically in Montana. I did hit some super singletrack yesterday before I came to a large creek that I didn’t feel like fording so I turned around.

The next seven days are easy and simple. I basically just wait around. I move camp sites Sunday to mile 12 where I’ll be able to see one of the climbs on the course. Tuesday I move to the start line where Wyatt and Glove will meet me. Chrissy, Lauren, and my dad come Thursday, rounding out an all-star crew. I’m not only excited to run 100 miles, I’m excited to feel like a team. We’re all going to make this happen together. Wyatt, Glove, and Chrissy are set to pace. The last five miles are on a dirt road going into town for logistical ease. Everyone is allowed to pace and mule there. I’m visioning us running five wide on that road, breaking 20 hours, and breaking tape. I’ve never run past mile 66 before, so perhaps I’m a fool to set lofty goals. Yet I am fit physically and mentally. Whatever happens, I’m going to wisely destroy myself and tap into magic. And have the best time.)

ps. You can download the app “It’s Your Race” on your phone to receive live updates from the major aid stations, miles ~12, 30, 48, 66, 84, 100. The race starts at 11am MST.

pps. It's now Tuesday--the race is on Friday. I haven't had internet access until now. 


Some lakes, CO. 

Horn Peak, Sangre de Cristos. Favorite pic I've ever taken.

Music pass

Bighorn course! Mile 50ish

Creative showers

Dry Fork AS, mi 12.5 & 85. 

Just a taste

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  1. Watch out, world! Rudy, your debut hundo is gonna f***ing shake the core of the Earth. I can already feel the tremors ... xoxox