Friday, April 18, 2014

Synchroblog: Why Do We Run?

Here we go again! Round two of the UltraVT synchroblog, this time formulated by Brett Sherfy. If you don't know, I'm a huge fan of running as well as the act of running. I love these posts where us running nerds get to analyse what we do.

What role does running play in your life?

Huge. I'm trying to think of something that tops running in my life, but I can't. Surely I'm obsessive about running and think about it most all day every day, but I've learned to care about other things (couldn't've said that a year ago). I'm appreciating time with friends and family more, really (trying) to focus on what we're doing. Running helps with presence in all aspects of life. They say life's priorities should be something like God, family, friends, work, hobbies. For me, running encompasses all of those and therefore pervades my life. Identity is the main aspect of life--how do you identify yourself? Of course for me, I'm a runner.

When did you start running and why?

Running, rather sprinting, was always a part of lacrosse, which I played from 6th through 11th grade. I loved it because I could breathe, literally. I was mainly a swimmer throughout my life, and after spending years of my life under water, I cherished the ability to breathe whenever I wanted. With school sports running is typically a punishment, so that wasn't cool and I didn't enjoy the running we did because I suffered with shin splints basically every season after getting out of the pool. I suppose I actually started running after my senior year in high school. I was on a nature kick from backpacking, and being fit helps enjoy nature. I'd seen a triathlon flyer when I visited Tech and decided that was what I was gonna do. I started running to and from my lifeguarding job perhaps once a week and enjoyed the challenge of something new.

If you could only run one last run, where and with whom would it be and why?

I'd run as fast as I could for as long as I could, somewhere new, with all of my friends. Everyone would get dropped. It'd be a proper man run, but an ultra version.

Which is better, trail running or road running? Why?

Road running, what? I haven't ran on the road since 1988! Just kidding. I almost despise those folks to say that. I can be super biased, but biased runners irk me who rip on any kind of road. Trail running is better, ONLY for the sake of getting to see cooler places. I'm not a road running hater because I like RUNNING. I don't particularly love hiking when I could be running. Slogging is stupid in my opinion. The movement of running, particularly running fast, is enthralling. Your body doesn't break down as much on trails, and there's that connection with nature. That's the main part of trail running, you get to be in nature, and that is every-so healing. The BAD thing about trail running is that it's slower. The terrain usually doesn't allow full blown open-up running. It's easy to get stuck in shuffle pace on a trail. I'm over that (two years of only that BS) and enjoy heart-bursting spit-flying sweat-dripping I'm-going-to-die screw-this I-want-to-quit type running. It's easy to do that kind of running on roads.

Groups or solo? Pick a side (for both) and defend it, or rather, advocate for it!

Ah tough. I'm an introvert who can be an extrovert. I enjoy running with folks, but I can typically push myself harder when running solo (besides race situations). Theme of this post and my life: push yourself. I guided kids two summers on hiking trips and ended up decided that job wasn't for me because kids don't like pushing themselves. Life is pointless if you're not striving. There's only one way to coast--downhill. Get better. That's my intense side. I digress. Running with groups passes the time more quickly, a plus. The more the merrier with groups as conversation is ample and changes. I'll pick groups for this question, but groups who are near or above my speed. Not a fan of waiting for folks truthfully.

....I graduate in a month. Bottoms up. Good vibes.

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