Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting Out of the Grumps

I had the hardest recovery I've ever had after the Georgia Death Race. I didn't run for six days, which I think is the longest non-running break I've had in a long time (after hellgate I played basketball and semi-running stuff). I was prevented from running because a nasty case of pitting edema in my left calf which still isn't 100%. More so I just didn't want to run. Zero desire. I didn't even think about going for a run Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I thought about it Thursday but opted to spin instead. Basically I ran myself into the ground physically which translated to mentally because I was frustrated about my calf. Major case of the grumps. I was no fun to be around and I knew it. I never had any real lingering post-race endorphins. Major case of the grumps.

I HAD to do something to get me out of the grumps, and I think swimming and spinning helped, but the true cure was Terrapin Mountain. I love this mountain. With a bunch of friends running the half marathon and 50k, I decided to tag along and run around/volunteer during the race with roomie Wyatt and friend Chris Demasi. Friday evening my calf was feeling alright and Chris started out to hike up to the summit of Terrapin while Wyatt and I ran up. We arrived just in time for the sun to drop below the ridgeline. Biting cold, wind, beautiful light, and companionship, combined with moving my legs for the first time in a long time, combined to finally bring a smile to my face.

Terrapin Mountain Summit--Wind!

Rec buddies--Cold!
A dark decent, homemade pizza, plenty of Icona Pop, and sleeping in the freezing temperatures on the ground are more things I love.

The next morning Wyatt and I were off to camping gap before 6:30am and arrived in time for a gorgeous sunrise. The aid station dudes put us to work quickly and we ferociously jotted down bib numbers and times with freezing pens and hands and helped fill bottles. I LOVE working aid stations. You get to see the race up front play out (instant inspiration when the dude in 8th books it into the AS at mile 21 and shouts HOW FAR UP IS KEITH IN THE SINGLET? and RUNS up the steep incline out of the AS with positive information that he's only two mins behind).  Also seeing the mid and back of the packers who are just having fun is a nice change of pace. And of course, filling bottles, packs, and giving ibuprofen and course info to all the hokies as they run by. Seeing friends rock races = instant inspiration. Sharing time with friends in training then seeing them run while you're not with them is incredible. All the hokies ran well (like usual :)). As Glove said, "somebody must be spiking the water in Blacksburg."

Wyatt Earp just after sunrise.

So whenever you get the grumps, just find a baller 2400ft climb, see a sunset and the following sunrise, and volunteer. Also partying with your bros during the daylight never hurts. Make love/take love #2013. See you round the mountain.

Soothing light, beautiful sunset

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