Sunday, October 7, 2012

Uber Rock WIN and Other Shinanigans

Phew, September was a whirlwind, hence my writing this post a week later than usual. Things've been super busy but definitely good. Onward.

Right on par after Iron Mtn after I penned that I was feeling so great I came down with a pretty bad cold that lasted all that week. After that I managed to get some really good weeks of training in (like 60, 70, 70 mpw which is much more legit, although still not very legit, than the 55 I was stuck at). Every weekend was a new adventure: solo 22 on the AT at a new section, a random marathon training run on the HELLGATE course YES I WANT TO RUN HELLGATE, then to Wintergreen for Uber Rock 50k, then to GRINDSTONE (more on that later). Each weekend was filled with early wakeups and long runs and long recoveries and sleeping and trying to do homework but thinking about running and meeting new folk. We stayed at a new friend's place, Bob, for Uber Rock which made it fun. I feel like I've been traveling, which has been awesome and I feel fortunate. I feel like I'm becoming part of the little ultra community.

Uber Rock was penned as a training run. Perfect timing before Masochist, which was the goal race, but now with HELLGATE on my mind my stoke of Masochist has dwindled a little bit. I'll still try to run that fast, maybe shoot for sub 8hrs? That'd get me 10th as of last year. Top 10 would be nutssss but I'd really have to push it and have a great day. Not really sure if that's even feasible. They're just numbers. But it seems as though I'm starting to race and not just run.

Anyway, I somewhat underestimated Uber Rock as it turned out to have probably 25 miles of roads with some surprisingly steep climbs that made me laugh. I went out a little quick and just kept rolling. I decided to see where I'd go. If I die then I die, I've never really had anything go horribly wrong in an ultra, so why not push it a bit? I picked up Guy Love at mile 20 (pacers were allowed, something else that made me laugh but why not?) and he paced me in for the WINNNN! I was pretty surprised and pretty stoked. Almost sub 5 hrs for 34ish miles. Guy really helped me stay focused and dialed. I was in it, broke tape and all.

Afterwards I wasn't very sore, just really really tired. Good thing I had another back week planned. I was just lazy this week and kind of let myself go, buying a half gallon of icecream and all! Haha. So I'm very happy and blessed to have won last weekend at the JV race (UROC 100k was happening). But I'm not making a big deal out of it.

I'm more stoked about GUY LOVE because he killlllled GRINDSTONE this weekend! I went to crew and pace with Rachel and Fletcher which was loads of fun and a new experience as I'd never crewed or paced before. Guy was just dailed all night long (6pm start) running super easily. Rachel picked him up at the halfway point and they did work, moving up in the field a few places. I inherited Guy at mi 80 and we beat daylight! He finished sub 25 hrs which was incredible. It was a really good experience for all of us. Seeing a person 95 miles into a race, man. Trying to think of things to say to a person who has ran 85 miles to take their mind away, that is difficult as well haha. We'll see how things go, but Grindstone is effing sweet and I would like to do that someday, if not next year.

So back at it now that my lazy week is over. Not really sure how much I'm gonna put in before Masochist. I think that taper will be dictated by if I get into hellgate or not, which I should know within the next two weeks.

See you round the mountain.

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