Sunday, May 27, 2012

Taper Time!

On a muggy Sunday afternoon with six days to go before my first 50 miler I thought I'd pen some current thoughts.

1. There are no mountains in or around Cincinnati

2. It's hard to run slowly in or around Cincinnati

3. It's starting to get really hot. 90s and muggy. Today I was drenched in sweat after a quick 4  miler only in shorts.

4. Last Wednesday I went to a state park 45 mins away to run some trails. I wasn't running happy cause the trails were extremely windy and overgrown. Glad I did the run, but not very happy. Here's a little guy I ran into:

5. Last weekend I went to Shawnee State Forest for two days and one night with a friend. Hiked in 5 miles with a backpack and hiked out the same the following day. I was planning on doing a 20 miler after we hiked in, but it ended up being a 10 miler due to the heat and general fatigue. Bridal trails were steep in portions and rocky which was a nice change of pace. I felt pretty badly though and didn't run very happy. Many ticks. The next morning I did 6 or so and was much happier. That was basically the only run that I've been happy on since 50sforyomomma.

6. I'm quite nervous that I haven't been necessarily enjoying my running the past two (?) weeks. I've been cranky and slow speeds feel worse than faster speeds. It's been so hot that I haven't really ran more than an hour in the past week.

7. I read something on about hormones getting all messed up after ultras. With three 50ks in the past three months, I think my endocrine system hasn't recovered. Like I said, I've been tired and cranky and motivation isn't really there.

8. But screw that. I'm starting to feel better and am getting amped or this coming Saturday. My energy levels have been up a tad since I've dropped in mileage this past week. I'm not quite itching to run, but my legs have been shaking a bit. After not doing really anything this coming week I'm sure I'll be good on Saturday. I'm starting to think confidently and I'mma enjoy the Gore-Tex North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler. To be honest, I'm not ideally where I'd like to be. But I'mma make the best of what I have. And I have a lot.

See you round the mountain.

ps. I found the video from 50sforYoMomma. There's a snippit of me at 5:00 and my short interview is at 5:37 :-P

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